House Rules

An appointment can be scheduled by phone or email. Always give your first name and phone number (just to be able to notify you in case of a sudden cancellation). A family name or address is not necessary. Your information will never be used for other purposes or passed on to third parties.

The payment is made in cash and with exact change at the start of the treatment.

Prior to the massage it’s clearly discussed via a short intake what to expect from the massage.

Also possible medical details (that are relevant for the massage) will be discussed before the start of the treatment.

For treatments of 1 hour, better foresee 1h15 (with reception, short intake, clothes change, shower…)

Shower is required at the beginning. All amenities are available. After the treatment it is possible to take a shower again. Of course this falls outside the intended treatment time and is not charged.

Your comments are important to us (too hot, too cold, pillow, music volume…) then we can apply this too if possible.

A welcome drink for the start of the treatment.

You don’t have to bring anything. Everything is ready for you.

Any used products are mostly absorbed by the skin and excess is wiped away. Having a shower afterwards is not necessary, but up to you.

There is never physical sexual contact between the masseuse and the customer. The giver gives, the receiver receives. Touching the masseuse is absolutely not allowed. If this would happen, the treatment immediately stops. The immediate cessation doesn’t entitle you to a refund of the amount paid. Only with GFE is physical contact possible, but note that not every lady does GFE!

Cancelleation of the appointment up to 24 hours prior to the treatment – if not, the rate will be charged.

Late arrivals will only receive the remaining treatment time, this means a shorter massage.

During the massage, we ask for mobile phones to be put on silent mode.

Discretion is fully guaranteed and is also required from you.

Parking place is available.